Intensive Retreats

Dr. Walsh is a uniquely positioned psychiatrist with seminary training in soul care, offering a truly distinctive combination of training and skills to provide comprehensive care for pastors and leaders. Not only does Dr. Walsh bring a unique ability to navigate mental health and soul care from a Christian perspective, but a 4-day intensive retreat is a rare opportunity to allow for intensive, focused time on your individual needs.

No stranger to the demands of high-level professional work and leadership, Dr. Walsh has over a decade of experience working in various medical environments, from the emergency department, to inpatient psychiatric units, to a local doctor’s office. Additionally, Dr. Walsh has served on pastoral staff at a large church and currently holds the position of president in an organization.

During your 4-day retreat at The Good Tree, you will be Dr. Walsh’s sole client and the center of attention. Considering the limitations of the current fragmented mental health and soul care system, you could potentially wait several months for an evaluation with a psychiatrist. Furthermore, attending weekly or bi-weekly counseling sessions may leave you feeling rushed, with only 45 minutes per session, and unsure of where to find a competent spiritual director, with similar time constraints.

Throughout your Intensive 4-day retreat, you will receive the following (tailored to your specific needs and situation):

  1. Psychiatry: Dr. Walsh will conduct a completely confidential psychiatric evaluation, the results of which only you will see. Dr. Walsh will provide recommendations for non-medication and/or medication treatment options as applicable. This unique opportunity allows for an unhurried discussion of medication options with a Christian psychiatrist, addressing a common barrier for Christian leaders.

  2. Counseling: You will have ample time to delve into counseling issues in-depth within a completely confidential environment. An intensive 3-4-hour counseling session often yields more meaningful results compared to the fragmented setup of several 45-minute sessions in the typical model. And having opportunity for multiple intensive sessions in the same week accomplishes a significant amount in a comfortable and natural setting.

  3. Spiritual Direction: Ample time will be provided for rest, reflection, contemplation, and prayer. Guided practices and discernment will go beyond surface-level symptoms typically addressed in counseling, focusing instead on the current state of your soul—the deepest part of your being—and on what God has specifically for you to hear at this point in your life.

  4. Recharge: The retreat offers a chance to disrupt your typical life flow and routine in a peaceful, welcoming, and quaint small-town environment in Dutch small-town Pella, Iowa. You can enjoy the anonymity and explore the local small businesses along a thriving downtown main street, where people still engage in conversations with their neighbors and hurry is an anomaly. Take pleasure in the small delights of a world-class bakery, a local meat market or farmer’s market, and leisurely walks through various parks adorned with flowers and public walkways. You may also experience the town’s vibrant community spirit through events like Thursday night celebrations in Central Park during the summer, a nationally recognized Tulip festival in the Spring, or a Winter Wonderland outdoor market. Additionally, you can appreciate the beautiful scenery of Lake Red Rock and take advantage of the 13-mile bike trail for walking or biking along the lake, connecting all the way to Pella.

Cost for a 4-day intensive retreat is $3500, which does not include travel or lodging expenses. (Note: if planning an intensive retreat around Tulip Time in May, or Winter Market in December, early reservation for local lodging is advised).  

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